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Affordable Life and Health Insurance

If you thought that you could not afford term life insurance, health/dental insurance, then think again. We have invested our time, energy and efforts to bring you the very best tools, calculators and articles, technology and price competitive quality products from across our Great Nation, on our website. We sincerely invite you to surf our website and get quotes from these fine companies represented by us. Then if you feel we have done our job, if we deserve your business, only then give us your business. We will be pleased to serve your financial services needs. No salesman will call, except to complete any paperwork or fill in any additional information needed by the life or health underwriter(s). We provide the links below: 


For Information, pricing and Online application for Health Benefits for individual, family and Business (groups of 2-50 employees), this Authorized Agent/Broker of Blue Cross of California web site is very useful. You can search for the best plan that matches your preferences, physician choices, pricing access, healthcare needs and goals. You can find coverage on this website that you want at the price you can afford. Apply for coverage online, right now and even pay monthly premiums by credit card!

Group, Family, Individual, Health and Dental Insurance

If you would like to get the recommended books or tapes, we find website to be the very best. 

TAX PREPARATION & TAX ADVICE: For tax preparation service and tax questions, this website is very useful: 
Tax Preparation Service 

GROUP BENEFITS and VIRTUAL HUMAN RESOURCES: For comprehensive information on company group benefits for Startups (2 to 50) and bigger (50 to 100), established companies (100+ to 1000) employees, 401(k), Section 125 Cafeteria plans, Payroll deduction plans, this website is excellent. The Compare Plans TAB is pretty unique in enabling a company to compare their benefits online, with or without the assistance of a Broker FREE of charge, as well as get a FREE Annual Review or Update upon becoming a customer. The company`s web based Benefits Products and Services delivery model with Brick and Mortar companies, using live HUMAN professionals, is outstanding. This company also provides a functional website page (subset of the group customer`s website) to group customers, (if they are the brokers of record on all the benefit plans offered by the client company), as a method to deliver employee benefits, reduce HR costs, travel time and expenses, and provide global 24/7 access. 
The URL is 
Employer Group Benefits, 401(k) & Virtual HR Assistant Compare Plans 


We OFFER 1031 EXCHANGE TIC/DST PROPERTIES. We offer Commercial Office Buildings, Shopping Centers, Apartment Complexes (Investment minimums for 1031 TIC/DST Properties generally tends to be $100,000 or more for accredited investors only) and Real Estate Value Funds (generally the investment minimum is $25,000). CONTACT Mr. SID JAIN @ 408-836-3858 (direct) OR send email to , Tenant in Common (TIC) investments are accepted from investors who have either sold their existing real estate holdings and are now in CASH and will be doing 1031 exchange or investors who are coming as cash investors directly from Non Real Estate investments and are taking title to income property as a TIC investor.

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