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Mr. Sudhanshu Jain (a.k.a. Sid Jain), MS Economics, is an Independent Broker and a Real Estate Investment, Financial Planning and Employee Benefits Professional. Securities, Investments and Variable Products, including Mutual Funds, offered to California residents (for other states please call us first, so we can make arrangements to enable a potential securities or real estate transaction), through Lightpath Capital, Inc.,1453 THIRD STREET PROMENADE SUTIE 315 LOS ANGELES, CA 90401, Member FINRASIPC. 1031 DST & Real Estate Commercial Office, Apartments, Shopping Centers, Storage, Industrial, Student, Senior housing, Memory Care, Medical Office and Retail offered. Life, disability, variable contracts license# 0828966. Real Estate Salesperson's license# 01493874. Residential, refinance, commercial, construction, land loans offered through multiple Lenders.

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Generally, financial Services or product recommendations are tailor made to the unique needs of each client. As such, generic advice or information can best be obtained from public websites, such as this one or Money MagazineSmart Money Magazine & Smart Money UniversityMetlife Financial Services & Free Life Advice BrochuresQuicken-Financial Calculators and Software packagesMorningstar-Famous Star Ranking SystemFinancial Engines- Portfolio Analysis Tools and Public Libraries. Another great website for investor information is Financial Industry Regulatory Authority at College for Financial Planning also offers Certified Financial Planner courses. Golden Gate University, SFO, CA and National University also offer Courses in Financial Planning. Typically, for individual advice, a licensed Financial Services Professional, Accountant or Attorney is recommended. A face to face meeting is generally recommended with the above Professionals for best results. 

Please call 408-836-3858 and ask for Mr. Sid Jain.