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SECTION 1031 EXCHANGE, DST Real Estate Investment Properties:

Did You know?

  1. 1031 Exchanges are under threat of elimination or heavy restriction by Congress and the administration.
  2. 1031 is not a tax loophole.
  3. 1031 Exchanges allow taxpayers to defer taxes.
  4. Does a 1031 Exchange make sense for you? Do a quick 5 Point Analysis.
  5. There are many non-tax reasons to exchange.
  6. As a general rule, to fully defer taxes, taxpayers should purchase Replacement Property with a value equal to or greater than the Relinquished Property and reinvest all net proceeds into that new Replacement Property. If the taxpayer purchases property of lesser value or doesn’t reinvest all proceeds, the difference is considered taxable boot and the exchange becomes a Partial Exchange with a partial tax deferral.
  7. 1031 Exchanges follow strict time limits.
  8. To avoid having a taxable event, taxpayers may not have actual or constructive receipt of the proceeds from their Relinquished Property(s) sale.
  9. Exchanges between related parties are permitted, however, specific rules must be followed.
  10. Partnerships and LLCs can utilize 1031 Exchanges.
  11. Reverse Exchanges where an Exchanger buys first and sells second may give you the advantage to maximize your tax deferral.
  12. Unless taxpayers are “swapping real estate” without any money being transferred, a Qualified Intermediary (QI) is required.
  13. QIs are not regulated by the federal government nor by most state governments.
  14. QIs cannot give specific advice - only guidance.

So start with the right QI.

 Here are our latest top 10 misconceptions we’ve found that the public has about 1031 Exchanges:

 1. “Like-kind” means I must exchange the same type of property, such as an apartment building, for another apartment building. FALSE  (read answer)

    2. A 1031 Exchange means that the sale and the purchase have to happen at the same time. In other words, the seller has to find someone willing to swap properties. FALSE  (read answer)

3. My attorney or CPA can handle the exchange for me as my Qualified Intermediary. FALSE  (read answer)

4. To do a 1031 Exchange I just need to file a form with the IRS with my tax return and “roll over” the proceeds into a new investment. FALSE 

(read answer)

5. I can only defer my capital gains tax via a 1031 Exchange. FALSE 

(read answer)

6. All of the funds from the sale of the relinquished property must be reinvested. NOT NECESSARILY 

(read answer)

7. You must replace the debt that you had on the relinquished property with at least the same amount of debt on the replacement property. FALSE 

(read answer)

8. Opportunity Zone Funds are another alternative to defer my taxes. POSSIBLY 

(read answer) 

9. When I sell my personal residence I need to set it up as a 1031 Exchange. FALSE 

(read answer)

10. If I sell property I can only exchange into one property. FALSE 

(read answer)

1. “Like-kind” means I must exchange the same type of property, such as an apartment building, for another apartment building.

The term “like-kind” refers to the nature or character of the property not its grade or quality. For this reason nearly all real property is like-kind to each other.
What is qualified like-kind property?

2.  A 1031 Exchange means that the sale and the purchase have to happen at the same time. In other words, the seller has to find someone willing to swap properties.

The odds of that you will find someone who wants to swap properties are slim. For that reason the vast majority of exchanges are “delayed exchanges” which allows you to sell your property and then purchase any new investment property you desire providing the 1031 like kind rules are followed. Probably the most important rule is that taxpayers must hire a 1031 intermediary prior to transferring their old property.
What is a tax-deferred exchange?


3. My attorney or CPA can handle the exchange for me as my Qualified Intermediary.

If the seller’s attorney or accountant has provided any legal or accounting related services (or any service not exchange-related) in the two-year period before the exchange, they are disqualified and may not act as the Qualified Intermediary. Your use of them to facilitate an exchange will disqualify your transaction because they are considered your agent.
The role of the qualified intermediary


4. To do a 1031 Exchange I just need to file a form with the IRS with my tax return and “roll over” the proceeds into a new investment.

A valid exchange requires much more than just reporting the transaction on Form 8824. One of the biggest missteps when structuring an exchange is allowing the taxpayer to have actual or constructive receipt of their sale proceeds. This triggers a taxable event. An independent third party (a Qualified Intermediary) must hold the sale proceeds during the course of the exchange. There are also specific 1031 Exchange regulations and deadlines that must be adhered to as well.
How to plan ahead for a successful exchange
1031 deadlines and identification requirements
The exchange process


5. I can only defer my capital gains tax via a 1031 Exchange.

Besides capital gains taxes, you can also defer the depreciation recapture tax, the Net Investment Income tax and State taxes (if applicable). Therefore, if you do not exchange and elect to pay taxes, you may have an effective or blended capital gains rate as high as 35% to 40%
Boot in 1031 Exchanges
How to avoid boot


6. All of the funds from the sale of the relinquished property must be reinvested.

A taxpayer or exchanger can buy down in value. Or a taxpayer can choose to withhold funds or receive other non-like-kind property in an exchange. But the amount that they buy down, or money they withhold, or any other non-like-kind property received, is considered “boot” which means the exchanger likely will have to pay some taxes.
See different amounts you can defer with our Capital Gains Estimator


7. You must replace the debt that you had on the relinquished property with at least the same amount of debt on the replacement property.

The exchanger can always bring their own cash (from outside of the 1031 Exchange) to the closing table for the replacement property to offset any reduction in debt. You need to replace the value of the debt paid off on the relinquished property.
Replacing debt in a 1031 Exchange


8. Opportunity Zone Funds are another alternative to defer my taxes.

But remember that the tax deferral on your capital gains invested in these funds will expire at the end of 2026. Then it will be time to pay the IRS. With a 1031 Exchange you can defer paying taxes on those gains until your death as well as providing your heirs with a “stepped up basis” in the inherited property in addition to other tax benefits not available with investments in Opportunity Zone Funds.
Read more:
Opportunity Zones – a good investment?


9. When I sell my personal residence I need to set it up as a 1031 Exchange.

Tax-deferred exchanges cannot be used for real property held only for personal use. The good news is that Section 121 of the tax code that allows you to sell your home and avoid capital gain tax up to a certain amount. If you own an apartment building and are using one of the units as your personal residence, you may need to utilize Sections 1031 and 121 for maximum tax deferral/savings by applying the guidance provided by Revenue Procedure 2008-16.
How to convert your principal residence to minimize taxes by combining IRC §1031 and §121 


10. If I sell property I can only exchange into one property.

Per 1031 Exchange rules, you can sell one property and exchange into multiple replacement properties. In addition, you can sell multiple properties and exchange into one larger and more easily managed property.
Identification requirements

1031 EXCHANGES are a Powerful Tool to Defer Capital Gains Tax.

Additional Reasons to Participate in a 1031 Exchange using DST investment properties

  • Relieve the burden of active real estate ownership
  • Obtain ownership in shopping centers, multifamily residential and/or triple-net property in good locations
  • Diversify your real estate portfolio by geography and property type
  • Invest in single asset and/or multiple asset offerings
  • Choose from highly leveraged, moderately leveraged, or no leverage offerings
  • Facilitate estate planning
  • Choose from many sectors, including retail, office, industrial and multifamily

While there are many benefits to 1031 DST investing, there are strict timing limitations. Specifically, if a 1031 exchange transaction is not properly constructed and executed in a timely manner, then an investor may lose all tax benefits of such transaction, including depreciation recapture. The relinquished property must be a qualifying property (i.e., like-kind replacement property). A Qualified Intermediary, as an independent third party, is needed to facilitate a 1031 exchange transaction and hold the funds on behalf of the investor.

We offer cash investment and 1031 exchange fractionalized DST and standalone Commercial and Investment Properties, if your investment amount is over $1 Million.

A DST stands for Delaware Statutory Trust and is an entity that is used to hold title to investment real estate. In some ways this is similar to how a limited liability company or an LLC can hold title to real estate however, unlike an LLC, a property structured DST property will qualify as like kind exchange property for a 1031 exchange according to the IRS revenue ruling 2004-86.

The typical minimum investment for a DST 1031 Property is $100,000 allowing an investor to diversify his or her exchange proceeds among multiple properties. DST 1031 properties also have various leverage ratios to potentially satisfy an investors exchange requirements of taking on equal or greater debt.

The typical loan to value of a DST 1031 property is 50%, however some DST properties are offered all cash/no debt in order to eliminate all financing risks. MoneyMallUSA Corporation is a real estate wealth advisory firm that specializes in DST 1031 properties. Call us today to receive a free list of our current DST 1031 properties if you are an Accredited Investor.

These properties include Commercial Class A-B Office Buildings, Shopping Centers, Multi-Family Apartments, Oil and Gas Properties, Industrial, Storage, Student and Senior Housing, Memory Care, Medical office and Essential Retail, Mixed-Use Developments. We have over 25-30 Sponsors who source these DST properties nationwide for our clients.

Most of these income/investment properties are targeted to be cash flow positive on day one of acquisition.

Program Structure: There are three basic steps in any 1031 exchange:

  1. Exchanger sells property and proceeds are escrowed with a Qualified Intermediary (ask for a referral)
  2. Qualified Intermediary (or Q.I.) transfers funds for purchase of replacement property
  3. Exchanger receives beneficial interest in the Delaware Statutory Trust.

Please feel free to call us at 408-836-3858 or email us at

1031 EXCHANGE Guidelines to Remember

  • Seller should have the contract specify that the sale may be structured as a 1031 exchange.
  • Seller cannot receive or control the net sale proceeds – the proceeds must be deposited in a qualified escrow.
  • Replacement property must be like-kind to the relinquished property.
  • The replacement property must be identified within 45 days from the sale of the original property.
  • The replacement property must be acquired within 180 days from the sale of the original property.
  • In a reverse exchange the taxpayer acquires the replacement property prior to disposing of the relinquished property.
  • Generally, the cash invested in the replacement property must be equal to or greater than the cash received from the sale of the relinquished property.
  • The debt placed or assumed on the replacement property must be equal to or greater than the debt relieved with regard to the relinquished property.

Standalone Real Estate properties can also be single family homes, 4-plex, apartments, single tenant NNN lease essential food service, medical, pharmacy, dollar stores, fast food QSR, etc.



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